List of Good AC Brand, Durable and Save Electricity

124-jual acGood AC brands are always questionable and sought by people who want to buy air conditioners. Because the brand becomes an important value for consumers to know whether a quality product or not. Well for you who want to know the best AC brand in Indonesia, here is the list and the choice.

AC Polytron

Originally known only for television products, Polytron has now produced other home appliances. Polytron type air conditioner is also very varied, from the type of split AC, AC floor standing up to the cassette with a capacity of 1/2 PK to 5 PK.

Polytron is serious enough to work on the air conditioning market in tanha air. Because indeed as a tropical country, many people need air conditioning. Polytron AC sales are in addition to easy to find in many stores, also easily purchased online. Quite often also Polytron held roadshows in several cities to introduce this flagship product.

For the latest Polytron AC product eg AC Neuva Ice which has the ability to cool the room 40% faster. When tested, the AC is able to reach a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius in just 7 minutes. With the support of efficiency cooling technology makes this air conditioner is quite efficient.

Samsung air conditioner

Widely recognized as a reliable technology company makes Samsung air conditioning products quite attractive market. With the selling price is quite affordable, the AC that is provided also for the type of AC split and floor standing. In each product, Samsung usually explains the energy efficiency ratio (EER) so that we can easily compare the AC power-saving ratio. It also demonstrates Samsung’s strong commitment to continue delivering quality and power-efficient products.

AC Daikin

Known as the top premium brand for air conditioning makes the quality of Daikin no doubt. AC is one of the main products of the company established since 1930 so that merupkan strive to produce high quality products.

In each air conditioner, Daikin tried to emphasize two things. First is the AC that is energy efficient. That way consumers will still feel efficient payment bill by using this brand AC. In addition, Daikin is also committed to the environment because they use refrigerant 32 that can reduce the impact of global warming from the use of air conditioning.


LG does not want to stay silent to come to produce quality air conditioning products. The brand is also committed to making air-conditioning electricity-efficient, fast cool, as well as safe for the environment.

Not only that, LG also dared to give warranty up to 10 years for compressor. This is a commitment from LG to always confuse the best products that can make consumers calm. With such a long warranty, LG seems to confirm that once bought this air conditioner we do not need to replace the air conditioner in the long term.

AC Sharp

Known for its plasmacluster technology, Sharp “jual ac” emphasizes user comfort. Not just a product that can flow cold air, but at the same time able to make healthy room. That is why in many products, AC Sharp is indeed immersed filter technology to filter the bacteria and dirty dust.

Well, that’s some brand of famous and famous AC brand. For business “jual ac murah“, buy online can be more efficient because it can get a discount or a decent discount.